Travel like a dog

As you may already know, I have a little dog. Her name is Mischa and she has her birthday on Sunday! To adopt and live with her has been the best and most special fairytale of my life an to celebrate Mischas birthday on the blog, I decided to write a blogpost about her and her favourite places when it comes to traveling.

Not every destination suits a dog

I try to take my best friend with me as much as I can and as is good for her. Normally, I don’t take her on long haul flights because I really think it’s better for her not to be in a small box for 13 or 15 hours on the plane if it’s not really necessary. If she can’t come with me, she takes some time off at my parents house where she enjoys life with the other dogs in our family. It’s like a luxury stay for her. That means long walks with my mother and a big garden whenever she wishes to go out of the house. I’m convinced that she always misses that when she’s back in Berlin and I’m so thankful, that I know there is always a place – and such a paradise – for her at my parents house.

Going to the beach

Mischa really loves to be on the beach. Therefore my parents or I take her at least twice a year to the German coast or to Denmark. Denmark is much better because the beach isn’t decided in dog and no-dog zones like it is in Germany. We take the car and the dogs lay on the back seats, sleeping all the driving time. The first thing we do once we arrive is running to the ocean.

Hiking in the mountains

Hiking is also a very good thing to do with the dog. Even though Mischa isn’t really into long walks, she likes nature and trails she’s never been on before. If I’m going on long hikes, I make sure to bring a bottle of water for Mischa too. You never know when you find a shop or a lake where the dog can swim or sip a bit.

Exploring a city

A city trip can also be OK for a dog, but it’s really important to find places to take the dog for a walk. Mischa has been walking through a lot of cities and shopping areas and knows how to behave. Everyone in the shops love her. For example, she always has her own place in my favourite shoe shop in Berlin. It’s always super easy with her, but I can see that she likes beaches, lakes and mountains so much more.

To come to the point…

In the end, the most important thing for dogs is to be with their family. When it comes to traveling, I’m sure if Mischa had to choose, she would decide on nature and personally, I agree with her. Overall, it’s important to check on the house rules before booking a hotel or cottage. Do they allow dogs? What do they expect from you and your dog? I’ve had a lot of great experiences and met some very dog welcoming people but I also know that there are hotels and restaurants where dogs are not allowed. I will never understand that, but it is what it is. How can you resist these eyes?!

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