9 parks to visit in Berlin

I have been living in Berlin for more than ten years and since I am living with a dog, it is just mandatory to explore all the parks in the city. We did this quite regularly on the weekends to explore different places and I thought, this could be an interesting blogpost and put together my nine favorite parks to visit in Berlin.



Located in Kreuzberg, this park has a lot of ups and downs – not emotionally, but really figuratively. Theres is also a waterfall which is perfect on hot summer days for dogs to cool down.

Park am Gleisdreieck


I would say that this is the cleanest park I know in Berlin and this is exactly the reason why I love to go. Between Kreuzberg and Schöneberg are green meadows where you can have a picnic, do yoga or just read and play with the dog.



A pool in the middle, meadows to enjoy sweet weather, great walkways, a flower garden and two old bunkers makes this park special. It is located in Berlin Gesundbrunnen and I used to go there a lot before I moved to Kreuzberg.

Rummelsburger Bucht

rummelsburger bucht

This is not really a park but it is nice for a walk. The area is located directly on the water which makes the atmosphere so cool. The place is nice in summer and winter, offers beautiful and ‘Berlin-style’ views and is definitely worth a visit.

Schloss Charlottenburg

schloss charlottenburg

The park of the castle in Charlottenburg is beautiful, but not in a way that everything seems super arranged as one might expect in a castle park. It seems almost natural with a small stream, meadows to lie around with an amazing view to the castle.

The canal

am kanal_01am kanal_02

Maybe now you know already that I like water, so the canal which divides Kreuzberg and Neukölln is one of my favorite places. There are many bridges and therefore, it is possible to take short, long and longer walks. In addition, it is perfect for running.



Here, we have the smallest, but also a cute one, located in Berlin Wedding. A big green field in the middle and a castle ruin with lots of flowers makes it a good place to hang around.



Located in Pankow, this place is very family friendly (located in a middle-class area), clean and really nice for a Sunday afternoon walk. There is a small creek in the middle, an old castle ruin and enough space to enjoy some time with family, friends and – of course – dogs.

Tempelhofer Feld


The old field of the former Berlin airport is not really a park, but the biggest meadow in the city and the former runways for plane takeoffs are perfect for running, skating or just hanging around. There is urban gardening, a beer garden and – sorry to say – really annoying park rangers… But it is still nice!

Have you been to any of these places? Let me know!


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