Sicily, Italy

Good food, vine and sunshine all day - sounds good to you? Well, than you have to go to Sicily. Ok, I went in August which is usually a hot summer month in a lot of places in the world, but it was extra hot and sunny in Sicily. I swear. I did a small … Continue reading Sicily, Italy


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It has been quite a long time since my first visit to Amsterdam and I never managed to write about this experience in a blogpost. BUT this does not matter, because a new year of travel just started, I am planning to publish new posts at least once a month and Amsterdam is a great … Continue reading Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Living the Paris fairy tale for a weekend, France

Paris is full of stunning and world famous landmarks and yes, you should see most of them. If this is possible on a weekend trip? Yes. But there are some other things to do making your visit a bit more relaxed.Pretty little alleys meet huge buildings. A mix of flowers, architecture, cheese and wine. The city de … Continue reading Living the Paris fairy tale for a weekend, France