Istanbul, Turkey

What I loved about Istanbul was the lively atmosphere everywhere and at all times. Streets full of food stands, bazars, always a breeze from the Bosporus and very friendly people made my visit nice and memorable. The view from Eminönü to Beyoğlu The market behind then Blue Mosque Exploring the neighborhoods We stayed in Kadıköy … Continue reading Istanbul, Turkey


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It has been quite a long time since my first visit to Amsterdam and I never managed to write about this experience in a blogpost. BUT this does not matter, because a new year of travel just started, I am planning to publish new posts at least once a month and Amsterdam is a great … Continue reading Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Living the Paris fairy tale for a weekend, France

Paris is full of stunning and world famous landmarks and yes, you should see most of them. If this is possible on a weekend trip? Yes. But there are some other things to do making your visit a bit more relaxed.Pretty little alleys meet huge buildings. A mix of flowers, architecture, cheese and wine. The city de … Continue reading Living the Paris fairy tale for a weekend, France